Bringing the Message Home to Calgary

Today is the third day of my fast (only mild fatigue thankfully!) and my final day in Ottawa. It has been clear from our meetings with MPs from all parties, that there is support for the UN Mission to Sudan. What is lacking from Canada is a clear commitment to funding this mission. Canada has, so far, committed nothing to the UN mission in Darfur.

It is time to raise the level urgency in our government leaders towards commitment to help make the UN Mission possible! During my week in Ottawa, we’ve been unsuccessful in getting a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I will therefore begin a sit-in at Harper’s constituency office in Calgary starting tomorrow at 9:00am. I will continue my fast as I sit at Harper’s office from 10:00am to 6:00pm until Monday evening. I welcome anyone who wishes to show support to stop by Harper’s Office (1600 – 90th Avenue SW, Suite A-203) and also to write to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and your own MP (visit for details on how to do this, and for template letters you can use). Call 1-800-GENOCIDE to leave a message for these members!

I will continue to fast until the evening of Monday December 10th – the International Day for Human Rights. Thank you to everyone for your continued support!