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1.8 million kids have been affected by Darfur's violence.


In this year's Darfur Challenge, elementary, middle and high school students across Canada will compete to raise funds for Canadian organizations working in and on Darfur.


Participants will also take action in national advocacy campaigns to help end the Darfur crisis.


The competition runs from October 19, 2009 to April 30, 2010 - register your class, school group, youth group, sports team or group of friends today!


Visit the Darfur Chellenge Website for more information.


Global Peace Initiatives

Before becoming a provincial politician I have been involved in a number of issues over the years related to anti-war, peace and development, and human rights or justice. I cannot sever my relationship with these vitally important values that have kept me sane and human and connected to people and organizations such as Physicians for Global Survival, Amnesty international, Doctors without Borders, and others. Yet, I find myself able to give as before and wish to keep some of these issues alive on my website for people to read and comment or become involved if they wish.

I welcome the opportunity to share these ideas and commitments to people and improving living conditions especially in areas of violence, environmental destruction and loss of civil society lest we forget our larger responsibility beyond the privilege and wealth of this province.

Obviously I cannot be as active in responding to all communications in these areas and do justice to my work for the citizens of Calgary Mountain View , but I will try to communicate as I am able.

Thank you for your commitment to peace and human rights here and everywhere.


David Swann